From Merkelbeek to Märckelbach: A Social History with Deep Roots

being cobbled together by Henry K van Eyken
for Elisabeth H., Marc, Elisabeth G., Eric, Adriana, & whomever may come ...
in memory of Adriaan Märckelbach (1896-1965)

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February 26, 2011   
Heinrich Merckelbach of Hottorf and his descendants   
¶ 5

1. Heinrich Merckelbach ~1490  ×  NN.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.
    1a. Gerhard Merckelbach  ×  Gertrud von Eschweiler.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.1a.
    1b. Gerhard Merckelbach  ×  NN.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.1b.
        1. Rotterdam branch *: Albrecht Merckelbach  ×  Peetzgen Graeff, and descendants.   pk/md   dn   t.1.2a.1.1b.1.
    2a. Lambert Merckelbach 1523  ×  NN. Leufgen.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.2a.
    2b. Lambert Merckelbach 1523  ×  NN.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.2b.
        1. Gerhard Merckelbach.   pk   dn   t.1.2a.1.2b.1.
        2a. Lambert Merckelbach ~1560  ×  Elisabeth Gilles.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.2b.2a.
            1. Mechtild Merckelbach 1591.   pk   dn   t.1.2a.1.2b.2a.1.
            2. Maria Merckelbach 1595  ×  Jacob Boyman.   pk   dn   t.1.2a.1.2b.2a.2.
        2b. Lambert Merckelbach ~1560  ×  NN.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.2b.2b.
            3. Margarete Merckelbach ~1593  ×  Franz Erphens.   ak   dn   t.1.2a.1.2b.2b.3.   ¶ 6


It is believed that Albrecht Merckelbach (ID: t.1.2a.1.1b.1.) is the same person as Aelbrecht Merckelbach (ID: R.1.), the progenitor of the Rotterdam branch.  *   fn1

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