From Merkelbeek to Märckelbach: A Social History with Deep Roots

being cobbled together by Henry K van Eyken
for Elisabeth H., Marc, Elisabeth G., Eric, Adriana, & whomever may come ...
in memory of Adriaan Märckelbach (1896-1965)

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SOURCES / RELIABILITY: fs for Fritz Stahler, hr for Hans Rupprecht, md for Max Dechamps, pk for Peter Kreutzwald, rp for Robert Pforr, wm for Wilmar Merckelbach. For details, including how authoritative these sources are, see here.   ¶ 4

December 1, 2010
Reinhard von Merckelbach × Maria von Wirtzen [von Wierth], and their descendants   
¶ 5

1. Reinhard Merckelbach ~1500  ×  Maria von Wierth.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.1.3.2.
    [Reinhard had 5 sons,  fs]
    1. Eymont [Eymond] Merckelbach  ×  NN.   hr/md/pk   dn   t.
        1. Eymond Merckelbach  ×  NN.   md   dn   t.
    2a. Dr. Heinrich Merckelbach  ×  Catharina von Grietern.   hr/md/pk   dn   t.
        1. Florenz Merckelbach.   hr   dn   t.
    2b. Dr. Heinrich Merckelbach  ×  NN.   pk   dn   t.
        1. Peter Merckelbach ~1565.   pk   dn   t.
            [According to Max Dechamps, this Peter was a son of Heinrich's brother Thomas, t.]
    3a. Dr. Thomas Merckelbach  ×  Eva von Assen.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.
        1. Anna Merckelbach >1565.   pk   dn   t.
            [Thomas had 11 children,  fs]
        2. Christine Merckelbach >1565.   pk   dn   t.
        2. Dietrich Merckelbach >1565.   md/pk   dn   t.
        4a. Dr. Heinrich [Heinrich Goswin] Merckelbach 1565  ×  Catharina von Weiler.   fs/md/pk   dn   t.
            1a. Peter Merckelbach 1-1-1600  ×  Margaretha Busch.   md/pk   dn   t.
                1. Henricus Florenz Merckelbach 6-2-1626.   pk   dn   t.
                2. Johann Florenz Merckelbach 4-6-1642.   pk   dn   t.
            1b. Peter Merckelbach 1-1-1600  ×  Maria Reinking.   pk   dn   t.
                3. Charlotta Anna Merckelbach >1666  ×  Franz Hermann von Esken.   pk   dn   t.
                4. Anna Maria Merckelbach 25-3-1668  ×  Gerhard Heinrich Martels.   pk   dn   t.
        4b. Dr. Heinrich [Heinrich Goswin] Merckelbach 1565  ×  NN.   fs/md/pk   dn   t.
            2a. Florenz Merckelbach 10-4-1598  ×  Gertrud Grüter.   md/pk   dn   t.
            2b. Florenz Merckelbach 10-4-1598  ×  Anna von Michels.   md/pk   dn   t.
                1. Heinrich Goswin Merckelbach 1627.   pk   dn   t.
                2. Maria Catharina von Merkelbach 1629  ×  Johann Ernst von Krane.   pk   dn   t.
        5. Peter Merckelbach ~1565  ×  Dinah NN.   md/wm   dn   t.
            [According to Peter Kreutzwald, this Peter was a son of Thomas's brother Heinrich, t.]
            1. Peter Merckelbach  ×  Margaretha NN.   wm   dn   t.
                1. Peter Merckelbach 20-3-1657  ×  Christina Elisabeth NN.   wm   dn   t.
                    [Peter had 8 children,  wm]
                2. Johann Christian Merckelbach  ×  Walpurga Catharina NN.   wm   dn   t.
                    [Johann Christian had 5 children,  wm]
                3. Johannes Dietericus Merckelbach  ×  Gertruda Christina NN.   wm   dn   t.
                    [Johannes Dietericus had 2 children,  wm]
                4. Johannes Merckelbach  ×  Christina NN.   wm   dn   t.
                    [Johannes had 1 child,  wm]
            2. Johann Georg Merckelbach ~1605  ×  NN.   wm   dn   t.
                1. Johann Wilhelm Merckelbach.   wm  ×  NN.   dn   t.
                    1. Johann Wilhelm Merckelbach 1665.   dn   t.
                        1a. Peter Merckelbach 1698  ×  Anna Catharine NN. 12-1-1700.   rp   dn   t.
                            1. Anna Maria Merckelbach ~1717.   rp   dn   t.
                            2. Philip Peter Merckelbach 9-9-1723.   rp   dn   t.
                            3. Johann Georg Samuel Merckelbach 11-12-1727.   rp   dn   t.
                                [Military records indicate that this Johann Georg Samuel enlisted under the name Johann Heinrich, see Chapter 4]
                        1b. Peter Merckelbach 1698  ×  Anna Elisabeth Herklotz.   rp   dn   t.
                            4. Martha Elisabeth Merckelbach 7-10-1733.   rp   dn   t.
                            5. Anna Elisabeth Merckelbach 29-3-1735.   rp   dn   t.
                2. Maria Catharina Merckelbach.   wm   dn   t.
                3. Grenzhausen branch: Johannes Henricus Merckelbach × Maria Clauer, and descendants.   wm   dn   t.
                4. Christina Merckelbach  ×  Wilhelm Remy.   wm   dn   t.
            3. Christoph Merckelbach.   wm   dn   t.
            4. Matthias Merckelbach  ×  Elisabetha NN.   wm   dn   t.
                1. Peter Merckelbach  ×  NN.   wm   dn   t.
                   [Peter had 1 child,  wm]
                2. Jacob Merckelbach  ×  NN. Biel.   wm   dn   t.
                   [Jacob had 1 child,  wm]
                3. Anna Catharine Merckelbach 1667.   wm   dn   t.
        6. Dr. Reiner [Rainer] Merckelbach >1565  ×  Helene Wolff.   md/pk   dn   t.
        7. Theodor Merckelbach >1565.   pk   dn   t.
        8. Thomas Merckelbach >1565.   pk   dn   t.
        9. Katharina Merckelbach >1576.   pk   dn   t.
    3b. Thomas Merckelbach.   hr/pk   dn   t.
        10. Johannes Merkelbach >1576  ×  Elisabeth von Werdohl.   hr/pk   dn   t.
    4. Gottfried Merckelbach 1542  ×  Agathe Deppe.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.
        1. Maria Merckelbach.   hr/pk   dn   t.
        2. Dr. Thomas Merckelbach 1568  ×  Barbara Erhard.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.
            [Thomas had 5 or 6 children /fs]>
            1. Agatha Barbara Merckelbach  ×  Johann Ulrich Stieber.   pk   dn   t.
            2. Jakob Thomas Merckelbach.   fs/pk   dn   t.
            3. Maria Elisabeth Merckelbach.   pk   dn   t.
            4. Johann Georg von Merckelbach ~1609  ×  Anna Maria von der Kuhla.   fs/md/pk   dn   t.
                1. Christoph Thomas Merckelbach 31-1-1650.   pk   dn   t.
                2. Friedrich Merckelbach 7-10-1657.   pk   dn   t.
                3. Anna Maria Merckelbach 11-9-1664.   pk   dn   t.
                4. Catharina Elisabeth Merckelbach 16-12-1667.   pk   dn   t.
                5. Catharina Dorothea Merckelbach 7-3-1668.   pk   dn   t.
                6. Augusta Elisabeth Merckelbach 17-3-1670.   pk   dn   t.
        3a. Dr. Goswin von Merckelbach 26-1-1569  ×  Anna vom Dael.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.
        3b. Dr. Goswin von Merckelbach 26-1-1569  ×  Amalie von dem Brinck.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.
            1. Anna Elisabeth Merckelbach >1612  ×  Anthon Affelmann.   hr/pk   dn   t.
            2. Otto Gottfried Merckelbach >1612  ×  Augusta von Lützow.   hr/fs/pk   dn   t.
                1. Dorothea Sophie Amalie Merckelbach 2-4-1664  ×  Johann Asken von Rhoeden.   hr/pk   dn    t.
                2. Otto Christian Merckelbach.   hr   dn   t.
                3. Joachim Otto von Merkelsbach 7-2-1667.   hr   dn   t.
                4. Karl Wilhelm von Merkelsbach 14-3-1669.   hr   dn   t.
            3. Christian von Merckelbach 13-5-1621.   fs/md/pk   dn   t.
    5a. Peter Merckelbach ~1545  ×  Gertrud Heufft.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.
        1. Johann Merckelbach.   pk   dn   t.
        2. Margret Merckelbach >1661.   pk   dn   t.
        3b. Ursula Merckelbach ~1600  ×  Peter Langefeld.   pk   dn   t.
        3a. Ursula Merckelbach ~1600  ×  Steffen Bulcke. fs/pk   dn   t.
    5b. Peter Merckelbach ~1545  ×  NN. von Hottope
.   hr/fs/md/pk   dn   t.
        1. Gottfried Merckelbach >1601.   hr/fs/pk   dn   t.   ¶ 6

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