From Merkelbeek to Märckelbach: A Social History with Deep Roots

being cobbled together by Henry K van Eyken
for Elisabeth H., Marc, Elisabeth G., Eric, Adriana, & whomever may come ...
in memory of Adriaan Märckelbach (1896-1965)

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January 9, 2011
Alphabetical index for the Heiden branch   
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   Carcillis Merckelbach ~1635.   Heiden
   Carsilius Merckelbach 1558/1559  ×  Barbara NN.   Heiden
   Carsilius Merckelbach 1558/1559  ×  Helena NN.   Heiden
   Carsillis Merckelbach.   Heiden
   Catharina Merckelbach  ×  Thonis [Antonius] Prickarts.   Heiden
   Christianus Merckelbach  ×  Mergen von Gelenkircken.   Heiden
   Emondt Merckelbach.   Heiden
   Emondt [Emundt] Merckelbach ~1586/1595  ×  Marien [Maria] Beckers.   Heiden
   Geertruijdt Merckelbach  ×  Theisen [Matthijs] Savelsbergh.   Heiden
   Hilgen [Helena] Merckelbach  ×  Dries [Andreas] Gobbels.   Heiden
   Jenne [Joanna] Merckelbach  ×  Matthias Cockelkorn.   Heiden
   Magdalena Merckelbach  ×  Johan Knoeps.   Heiden
   Magdalena Merckelbach  ×  Carcillis [Carsillis] Vroen.   Heiden
   Matthijs Merckelbach.   Heiden
   Merien [Maria] Merckelbach  ×  Merten [Martinus] Pessers.   Heiden
   Willem [Wilhelmus] Merckelbach  ×  Mergen [Maria] Prickarts.   Heiden
   Willem [Wilhelmus] Merckelbach  ×  Giertruijdt Mageraw.   Heiden   ¶ 4

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