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From Merkelbeek to Märckelbach:
A Social History with Deep Roots


April 9, 2015
Serving the Von Salms

Chapter 29A1. Moving heaven and earth  

Anno 1558, Count Johann von Salm appointed Thomas Merckelbach, a young clergyman, as chaplain of his castle Dyck and, as such, also prebendary of the altar of Antonius in Dahlen. It is this capacity that in 1560 he got a visit by a member of the archbishop's curia. Testimony showed that Thomas responded better and showed himself better educated than all others who like him were also interviewed.  3

In 1561, countess Elisabeth appointed "Mr. Thomas, who following the death of her husband had become regent of her four underage children, prebend of the parish of Bedbur where he sheltered his ageing father and brothers Peter, Heinrich and Eymund in his presbytary [rectory?]. Soon thereafter, Peter married Gertrud Hauff from Viersen. The ceremony was attended by the countess, who had told Thomas to prepare a fine day and made, also in her children's name, the couple a gift of a Golden Real and additional money.  4

In 1562, the countess, who stayed mostly in Salm and having put the administration of her entire estate in his hands, Thomas Merckelbach is on record as referring to himself as the treaurer in charge of all of the Salms holdings. This called for a lot of travelling as to, for example the State Diet in Cologne, the court of the duke of Jülich and to Luxembourg. His brother Heinrich is the countess's personal secretary and administrator of the Salms fief[dom?]. Another brother, Eymond, acquired from countess Elisabeth a valuable horse and is travelling often on her behalf.  5

On the 15th of February, 1565, writes Elisabeth to Thomas, "Your brother has petitioned us concerning you and we have accepted. .....  3

Anno 1565 on 15 Februarer writes Elizabeth to Thomas: "Your brother has given us a petition you on about enough, we have received them, ///That you you more whatâ better entertain, we adore you both the altar and the Pastorei in Hemmerden with all.. associated trading estate and pensions. " - The renunciation of previous incumbency is obviously with because this pastor Loer writes on February 9 of Hemmerden from the Countess: "In Dyckischen lands and the Nachbareschaft is not sounded less than now had used the right pastor to them old to the to bring would break. I do not want to spend at the Shrew in Hasz and envy and Miszgunnst my days. "

By the replacement of two parishes in the reign Dyck should be cleared away the support for the introduction of the Reformation. It has a word of Countess in the obenerwaehnten letters to Thomas through which refers to the selection of an alternate member for the Sehlsorge in Hemmerden: "Because now will require the need, is one of the good and pure doctrine is, on the Pastorei. " - In the same year Thomas pulls out of this situation and the consequences schlieszt publicly in the church of Badbur the marriage with Eva aces from Dahlen. - This is followed by a protest at the Cologne Kurfuersten Hermann von Wied, the calls of Elizabeth: "At Badbur and Hemmerden are seductive teacher and church servant, as you shall hear from the supplement We do not want such a heretical people tolerate Take her away at once..." - The countess reported this to Mr. Thomas, "What the Kurfuerst has begun the church constitution written for our sake, you can see from the transcript Uber Sets the bailiff to Hülchrath what we respond to him.." - On the kurfuestliche reminder out nothing happens, and things take their course.

Anno 1568 on February 22, negotiated Heinrich Vogt Merckelbach on a Judgment by an bushels of corn, which donated the family of Hundt to Neuenhofen of Alteres ago for religious Zweicke and deprived the brothers Werner, Gerhard and Adam Hundt of the Church of Bedbur. The Rev. Thomas Merckelbach has agreed on Easter Tuesday of vergagenen year with the lay members, all Dazs foundations henceforth the poor are to benefit. However, the defendants claim that, the pastor Dazs associated with the foundations Meszerpflichtungen no longer fulfills the foundations themselves and you are hereby lapsed. This objection is not accepted by the court, and the bailiff seized the appropriate amount of grain, retroactively also for the past few years. The brothers of Hundt appeal then the Schoeffenstuhl of Aachen.

Anno 1569 caused turmoil in the villages because of the abolition of the Catholic customs and festivals. On accusations of Countess towards responds Thomas: "I am no fault of their grosz with you in disgrace, I have a new order, but the same as observed in the Kaplan time with you Later You told me to keep it as the Duke of. Juelich, or Bedbug and Moers. I have after your command addressed in teaching and ceremony. You are beige essentially my church service and have enjoyed OF OUR community with our Christian sacraments, but did nit a unicycle Darzu. Darzu is true Dazs I preached Christ crucified and the pure, true, old, Catholic religion and have led to the pure Gottesdiest which teaching is gegeven in the writings of the prophets and apostles. "

Anno 1571 verlaeszt Peter Merckelbach the service of Count Dyckischen to act as secretary of the town of Soest succeeded his brother Gottfried fruehverstorbenen. In the following year he sends to Count Werner a nice young dog. His relationship to the old home does not stop. So he takes yet in 1580 in Dyck these financial statements.

Anno 1572 Count Werner von Salm reached the Grosz Jährigkeit and reigneth. He writes on December 17 to Mr Thomas: "We have learned from Juechen Dazs, Gierath and other surrounding towns to hear your preaching and teaching the people run you about the pastors have complained to their government, it does not inconvenience us low. arise would. The pre-empt is our earnest injunction, Thou shalt herein act dermaszen, That the pastors rightly about you do not have to complain, and what does not belong to your parish, it can and no stranger supper, nor their children Baptism rich. " 1574 on 9 March warns Kurfuerst Salentin of Koeln Count Werner: "At Bedbur and Hemmerden two sectarian seducer rather than pastors are employed and have a mistaken unwholesome teaching, our true Christian and Catholic religion contrary, Introduced We can not let that happen. . Is hirmit our gracious Gesinnen, you want above-named sectarian including its stained impure doctrine soon limit and abolish within six weeks prescribe other scholarly Catholic people in their place. " - It historians to this reminder Electoral out anything because Count Werner holds continues to Mr. Thomas.

Anno 1582 attack the Catholic Spaniards from their nearby garrison Kriekenbeck forth in the dispute about religion. On Sunday, May 6, eighteen riders about to fall during the church service the church Bedbur, drag the pastor from the pulpit and lead him away. Five days later meets Salm forth in Dyck a franchise of jubgen Countess Maria is directed to the bailiff Laudorf:. Is "Dear Laudolf I have learned with erschrektem mind and heart Dazs Mr. Thomas caught my Lord is verritten by Lutz Castle . I then sent the letter immediately. I feel sorry for Evie and her children. Tell her Dazs their suffering and sorrow me very expresses, it is to trust God, who will turn their sorrow into joy. May Thomas but come to no harm. Tut everything for him. " - At the same time meets at Laudolf a letter from the pastor Thomas A: "This evening I arrived happy to Kriekenbeck of them that got me, some Welsche that are in Brabant under a captain you want me first to Eindhoven and.. Maastricht lead. Among way they frightened me with very unfriendly acts to catch 2000 pistol tablets before me. The von Neuenahr have commanded them so much money if they would deliver me to him. When I arrived in Kriekenbeck I have expressly under the protection of the King provided by Spain, which have no Raubhaeuser, but only houses the law. But all in vain. The captain of Kriekenbeck Liesz me not at all a chance to speak and did not want to meddle the Italians, only stated that I should create the money, or he would have me to Italians make over. Help my troubled woman Dazs later than the money in two days here. Recruit, sold, tried everything, where and what you can and help me poor prisoners. " - Beginning of September, Thomas Merckelbach back in time Dyck.

Anno 1584 on May 13, representatives complain Bedbur a neighboring municipality at the Synod of the Reformed Church in Aachen by the pastor Merckelbach: he used at the Last Supper Celebration Candles and velum and represent Lutheran views about the presence of Christ in the sacrament - he had one in Juechen in Begraebnis the preaching of the Catholic pastor attended - he wanted to marry his son a unglaeublichen (Catholic) person. Then the preacher of Beuenhofen is mandated to speak with Thomas Merckelbach because of the evening meal and scandals.

Anno 1587 in the month of September dying Thomas Merckelbach in the rectory to Hemmerden. His brother Peter Merckelbach, who has been appointed as executor, can not prevent That the legacy is seized by creditor verlaeufig. Then an endless Erbprozesz that stretches over twenty years without success begins. From here exasperation over, picks Dietrich Merckelbach, one of the sons of Vesrstorbenen, to help themselves. He is in dutch services and ueberfaellt on 11 April of the year 1602 a detachment of soldiers the Schlosz Dyck, to the treasurer Savoy capture, he zumiszt the blame for the refusal of the paternal heritage. The stop miszlingt. Dietrich falls some time later the Spaniards in the hands condemning him as a rebel to death.

Source Note: Dr. Bremer: The rich direct control Dyck. Veroeffentlichungen the circle Grevenbroiech.


Temper of the times  101


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