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The Special Senate Committee on Senate Modernization met this day at 1:01 pm, for the purpose of holding its reorganization meeting, pursuant to rule 12-13.  1

Blair Armitage, Clerk of the Committee: Honorable senators, I see we have a quorum. Pursuant to the order of the Senate adopted on November 7, 2017, there is a vacancy in the chair.  2

As clerk of your committee, it is therefore my duty to preside over the election of a chair, and I'm ready to receive a motion to that effect.  2-1

Senator McInnis: I would like to place the name of Stephen Greene.  3

Senator Massicotte: I'll second that.  4

Mr. Armitage: Are there any other motions?  5

Senator Joyal: I move that the opening for the chair be closed.  6

Mr. Armitage: Therefore, are all honourable senators agreed with the proposed motion for Senator Greene as chair?  7

Hon. Senators: Agreed.  8

Mr. Armitage: Thank you very much.  9

Senator Greene, would you please take the chair?  9-1

Senator Stephen Greene (Chair) in the chair.  10

The Chair: Thank you very much. I very much appreciate this and I will do the best job I can possibly do.  11

Honourable senators, does the committee wish to elect two deputy chairs?  11-1

Hon. Senators: Agreed.  12

The Chair: I would like to proceed with one election at a time. I'm ready to receive a first motion.  13

Senator Wells: I would propose Senator Joyal.  14

Senator Joyal: I propose Senator McInnis.  15

Senator Massicotte: I propose the nominations be closed.  16

The Chair: Is it agreed, then, that the deputies will be Senator McInnis and Senator Joyal?  17

Hon. Senators: Agreed.  18

The Chair: Very good. We thank you very much.  19

I would like to say thank you very much to Senator McInnis for his time, efforts and brilliance in the chair previous to this. I call for a round of applause for his good work. I am very happy to have him as a deputy chair because he will certainly be able to aid in the continuity.  19-1

I would also like to praise and thank Senator McCoy, as a former deputy chair, for all of her work on behalf of Modernization, both in this committee and with efforts that began before this committee was launched. I thank you very much.  19-2

Is it agreed, honourable senators, that the Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedure be composed of two deputy chairs and the chair, and that the subcommittee be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the committee with respect to its agenda, to invite witnesses and to schedule hearings?  19-3

Hon. Senators: Agreed.  20

The Chair: Thank you very much.  21

Is there other business?  21-1

Senator Massicotte: We thanked our chair and Senator McCoy. I would also like to thank Senator Joyal for his immense contribution for many, many years, starting when he wrote a book nearly 20 years ago.  22

Senator Joyal: Twenty years ago this week.  23

Senator Massicotte: It's still newsworthy and worthy of a read. I can give you a list of those who should read it.  24

Senator Joyal: There is no exam.  25

The Chair: Thank you very much.  26

If there is no other business, I would like to close the meeting.  26-1

Senator Joyal: I move the adjournment.  27

The Chair: Thank you very much.  28

(The committee adjourned.)  29

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