August 30, 2018

The folder "My-2-cents" serves to hold some lessons learned over a lifetime. Most important here, to my mind, are an essay about the Canadian Senate, some essays about augmenting human intellect, and a series of letters about various aspects of college education.

The Merckelbach history is a project in progress, i.e. continually revised and chapters added. It attempts to put an 1100-plus years of social history of the, mostly, patrilinear ancestry of the Merckelbachs in the context of relevant human history.

The project was begun in honor of Adriaan Märckelbach (1896–1965), a man of remarkable character, but thanks to the assistance of others the genealogy has been branched out toward all Merckelbachs extant.

The ancestry goes back to the 10th century when the male line was known as Von Ballenstedt. Early in the 12th century, the direct ancestors of the Merckelbachs became known as Van Anstel which two centuries later changed to Anstelrode (with slight variations). In the year 1374, the knight Reinert Vaes Huyn van Amstenrade acquired from the duke of Brabant a fief known as Upper Manor of Merkelbeek (or Merkelbeich, or Merckelbach).

Reinert took on the name Reinert van Merkelbeek and his male descendants retained the name as Merckelbach, or variations thereof, ever since. The genealogy presented here includes patrilinear branches of the family, notably those that descended from Reinert van Merkelbeek. Among the Merckelbachs we find persons who played exceedingly important roles in society as well as folk of the lowest rank.

Also included is a pedigree chart of my family.

The genealogy project has been on hold for some considerable time and, because of my age and the priority I have put on the Senate essay, I am not sure whether or how to continue it. We shall see what we shall see.

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