August 30, 2018

An "ongoing" essay about the Canadian Senate is the most important item here and has, in fact, taken precedence over the Merckelbachs' ancestry. The essay advocates that the Senate expands its investigative role to an urgently needed investigative, anticipating, and critical problem-solving role. My work has been received with some accolades from senators and political scientists, but to get from accolades to action is tough sledding. Me and my Senate might convey some insight about how I feel about this.

Further perceived as relevant here are Lesson from Leo and Propaganda

The Letters to my Dawson Colleagues, written in 1990, served a twofold purpose. One, I wished, by speaking out openly, to protect myself from any revenge by the Dawson College administration for me having addressed a College Board meeting about some practices I considered unsavory. And, two, I wished to express personal observations and feelings about the educational process. I believe those to be still relevant today.

Augmenting brains is about my perception of pocket computers as intimate digital digital devices to improve human thinking. My efforts here are puney compared to those of computer pioneer Doug Engelbart with whom I became well acquainted. His work is highlighted in The Unfinished Revolution. I you have never heard of Doug, read it!.

My and my world is a series of short pieces out personal experiences and outlook on life to which I hope to add as the spirit moves me. Although I draw on the past, being an ancestor of three generations alive today, my concern is very much their future.

I don't expect anyone to read through all my stuff, not in this day and age of information overload. But anyone who does will probably discover that what is contained in My 2 cents makes for a consistent package of parts that are well supported by documented knowledge and insights of people respected for their expertise—that I am merely bringing together things that matter very, very much.


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