Me and My World

Weaving personal experiences and outlook on life

Contents as of November 14, 2021

I am an old fogey. And I ramble a lot. People don't really care what old fogeys ramble about. Most people don't, anyway. Why should they? They want to do the talking themselves. They have opinions. Old fogeys have opinions too, but who cares? Or perhaps you do ...

  1. Rambling randomly  2. Thou cursed leaf
  3. To pee or not to pee  4. Conviction
  5. Surviving death  6. "We are free, we are free!"
  7. Truth and consequences  8. In Menno's footsteps
  9. Missing links10. Make belief
11. Word12. Standing on a corner ...
13. Between the lines14. Man's end
15. Perpetuum mobile ...16. Feeling groovy
17. A good day (in perilous times)18. Mikado
19. Christmas cake20. 1939: Gathering clouds
21. Climate change of the second kind22. "How dare you!"
23. As time goes by ...24. Starter kit
25. Gradus ad rosas26. The fickle finger of faith
27. Mephisto28. Body and soul
29. And I think to myself ...30. "HONOR and CONSCIENCE"
31. Memories that never left her32. Differences beget differences
33. Eksciante kion diri34. Regeneration
35. True or false?36. Where's whence?
37. Epiphany in the Garden of Eden38. L'histoire, se répète
39. Rhapsody in Blue40. Toccata and Fugue in d-minor
41. Ensuite42. Voyage to a cosmic perspective
43. A simple story44. Roundup at the O.K. Corral
45. What knowledge is of most worth? 46. Luctor et Emergo
47. Fiddler on the Roof48. Full circle in Dreamland
49. Merry Christmas, Ho Ho No!50. For whom the bell tolls
51. It's high time to get real52. A teacher hasn't taught
until the student has learned
53. Knowing our measure54. My Raspberry Pi: Trick or treat
55. Remembering Wayne 

I am an old fogey. And I ramble a lot. I have children, grandchildren, and even a greatgrandaugher. I care about their future, mankind's future, a future threatened by climate change, by pandemics, by human nature. Perhaps so do you ...

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