Winter semester, 1990

Touch wood
The alloyed coin
No exit
No-name society
To purposes fickly faithed
Interlude: Lesson from Leo
Pulex in the rapids
In the brass's spittoon
The whited sepulchre
All-terrain vehicles
Salomé in the buff


Thirteen weekly letters written in 1990 reflect personal observations and feelings about Dawson College at that time. They are reproduced here in the autumn of 2017—with a few editing touches and footnotes for clarity.  0

Dear Colleague:  2

I know my writing has stretched the patience of more than a few of you, but perhaps you are willing to concede that I am writing to extract from several observations of a big concern—education here at Dawson College—an essence, or blend of essences.  3

Long ago, I wrote three linked stories last year after a confrontation with that sometimes innocent, but, nevertheless, infamous question whether the holocaust really happened. The first one may tax your interpretive powers a little. Because of the private nature of that story I have been rather loath to include it with these letters. However, in addition to a certain relevance to the overall subject matter, I have been moved by the current civil climate in our Province of Québec and elsewhere in Canada—and in the rest of today's world!—to opt for making this little triptich an interlude: Lesson from Leo  4

Henry K van Eyken;  5

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